Staff Directory

Abrams, Scott D.
Weekend Security Guard
Arroyo, Alexandro
Sr. Maintainer
Berkowitz, Alan R.
Head of Education
(845) 677-7600 x311
Bickerstaff, Jonathan
Lab Technician I
(845) 677-7600 x156
Borre, Lisa
Senior Research Specialist
Bowden, Sarah
Postdoctoral Associate
(845) 677-7600 x231
Bryant, Steven L.
Butler, Thomas
Mngr. Ithaca Precip. Chem. Ste
Canham, Charles D.
Senior Scientist
(845) 677-7600 x139
Caplan, Bess Z.
Education Program Leader
Baltimore Ecosystem Study
Cole, Jonathan J.
Distinguished Senior Scientist Emeritus
Crowley, Katherine F.
Research Associate
(845) 677-7600 x129

Cullen, Tanaira 
Education Program Assistant
Baltimore Ecosystem Study
DeBonis, Paul A.
Sr. Maintainer
DePietro, Deanna
Assistant Research Specialist
(845) 677-7600 x245
Dillon, John Daniel
Senior Research Specialist
Doyle, Victoria A.
Development Associate
(845) 677-7600 x203
Duerr, Shannon
Senior Research Specialist
Eklund, William
Esposito, Rhea 
Education Program Leader
 845 677-7600 x321
Farfaro, Richard S.
Supervising Mechanic
Fargione, Deborah M.
Assistant to the President
(845) 677-7600 x106
Fargione, Michael J.
Manager Field Research & Outdoor Programs
(845) 677-7600 x124
Findlay, Stuart E.
Senior Scientist
(845) 677-7600 x138
Fischer, David T.
Hudson River Studies
(845) 677-7600 x178
Fischhoff, Ilya
Postdoctoral Associate
 (845) 677-7600 x146
Forbes, Catherine 
Senior Director of Advancement
(845) 677-7600 x262
Forster, Michelle A.
Education Program Leader
(845) 677-7600 x303
Freeman, Pamela A. 
Communications Assistant
(845) 677-7600 x121
Frick, Erin A. 
Communications Assistant / Writer
(845) 677-7600 x161
Gillespie, Matthew P.
to the Scientific Staff
(845) 677-7600 x140
Ginsberg, Joshua R.
(845) 677-5343
Glass-Siegel, Benjamin R.
Assistant Research Specialist (Baltimore)
Graham, Janet
Development Database Specialist
Groffman, Peter M.
Senior Research Fellow
(845) 677-7600 x128
Han, Barbara A.
Assistant Scientist
(845) 677-7600 x135
Hararuk, Sasha
Postdoctoral Associate
(845) 677-7600 x234
Harrison, Cassandra
Housing & Events Coordinator
 (845) 677-7600 x171
Haydasz, Barry L.
Trail Specialist
(845) 677-7600 x242
Henne, Paul T.
Security Guard
Henne, Shawn A.
Weekend Security Guard
Huang, Tao
Data Manager
Irish, Randall F.
Lead Custodian
(845) 224-7276
Jones, Clive G.
Senior Scientist Emeritus
(845) 677-7600 x133
Jones, Patricia A.
Manager of Human Resources
(845) 677-7600 x109
Johnson, Amanda
Grants Manager/Compliance Officer
(845) 677-7600 x108
Keeling, Jonathan G.
Manager of IT
(845) 677-7600 x198
Kelly, Victoria R.
Environmental Monitoring Program
(845) 677-7600 x174
LaDeau, Shannon L.
Associate Scientist
(845) 677-7600 x204
Likens, Gene E.
Distinguished Senior Scientist Emeritus
(845) 677-7600 x160
Lindsey, Amanda M.
Senior Research Specialist
Lochet, Aude
Data Analysis Specialist
REU Program Director
 (845) 677-7600 x326
Lovett, Gary M.
Senior Scientist
(845) 677-7600 x132
Madsen, Robert C.
Senior Maintainer
(845) 224-7278
Malcom, Heather M.
Senior Research Specialist
Safety Officer 
(845) 677-7600 x149
Martel, Lisa D.
Senior Research Specialist
(845) 677-7600 x244
McGovern Elizabeth
Associate Research Specialist
(845) 677-7600 x145
Melious-Dwyer, Nicole
Grants Specialist
 (845) 677-7600 x202
Merritt, Fred J.
Director of Physical Plant and Grounds
(845) 224-7274
Mowry, Stacy
Associate Research Specialist
  (845) 677-7600 x179
Murphy, Lora
Computer Programmer
Oggenfuss, Kelly M.
Senior Research Specialist
(845) 677-7600 x192
Ostfeld, Richard S.
Senior Scientist
(845) 677-7600 x136
Parrella, Susan M.
Staff Accountant
(845) 677-7600 x207
Peck, Eleanor
Science Communications Manager for Foundation and Corporate Relations
(845) 677-7600 x180
Pendleton, Jennifer E.
Associate Research Specialist
(845) 677-7600 x186
Pickett, Steward T.
Distinguished Senior Scientist
(845) 677-7600 x130
Quillen, Lori M.
Director of Communications
(845) 677-7600 x233
Reinhardt, Matthew R.
Computer Network Assistant
(845) 677-7600 x102
Rosi, Emma J.
Senior Scientist
(845) 677-7600 x232
Ross, Alex
Associate Research Specialist
(845) 677-7600 x278
Rubenstein, Maribeth
Assistant to the Scientific Staff-LTER Projects
(845) 677-7600 x226
Schlesinger, William H.
President Emeritus
(845) 677-5343
Schmidt, Denise A.
Director of Laboratory Research Facilities
and Analytical Service
(845) 677-7600 x162
Schuler, Amy C.
Director of Information Services & Library
(845) 677-7600 x164
Scotto, Barbara A.
(845) 677-7600 x101
Solomon, Christopher T. 
Associate Scientist
(845) 677-7600 x133
Strayer, David L.
Distinguished Senior Scientist Emeritus
(845) 677-7600 x148
Talbot, Holly A.
Senior Director of Administration and Comptroller
(845) 677-7600 x200
Robbins, Toni R.
Payroll Specialist/Staff Accountant
(845) 677-7600 x201
Tumblety, Leslie
Communications Associate
(845) 677-7600 x325
van Melle Kamp, Olivia
Director of Development
(845) 677-7600 x120
Venturini, Joanne
Accounts Payable Specialist/Staff Accountant
(845) 677-7600 x206
Vomela, Milada
Lab Technician II
(845) 677-7600 x155
Walsh, Jonathan M.
Information Manager
Baltimore Ecosystem Study
(845) 677-7600 x103
Weathers, Kathleen C.
Senior Scientist
(845) 677-7600 x137
Wendover, Joshua R.
Wooster, Tamera E.
Senior Research Specialist

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