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Global Climate Change

Global Climate Change: A Primer

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A lecture by Duke’s Orrin Pilkey and environmental artist Mary Edna Fraser. Fraser discusses her batiks, which are used to illustrate the threatened ecosystems in Pilkey’s book, Global Climate Change: A Primer.

The Great Kapok Tree

Inspiring Environmental Awareness in Youth through Books and Films

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Award-winning author, illustrator, and filmmaker Lynne Cherry explores how books and videos can inspire youth to engage in conservation and citizen-science.


Yellowstone Wildlife: Charting New Paths Forward

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Mike Clark, Executive Director of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, talks about some of Yellowstone’s most iconic wildlife, and discusses how climate change, shrinking habitat, and politics are shaping its future.

Pavan Sukhdev

The Green Economy

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Lead author of the report "Towards a Green Economy," Pavan Sukhdev explores how the greening of economies is an engine for growth, a source of employment, and a means of alleviating poverty. 

Peter Kareiva

An Environmental Vision for the Future

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A lecture by Peter Kareiva, chief scientist for The Nature Conservancy (TNC). Kareiva talks about how to quantify nature's assets and how to move conservation from a special interest to the people's choice.

Michael Mann

Dire Predictions: Understanding Global Warming

Lecture Video

Climatologist Dr. Michael Mann reviews the evidence for human influence on the climate, including measurements available for the past two centuries and paleoclimate observations spanning more than a millennium.

Frances Beinecke

One Year After the Greatest U.S. Oil Spill

Lecture Video

Frances Beinecke explores whether America has taken the steps necessary to prevent another oil spill tragedy.

fraser's penguins

Fraser's Penguins: A Journey to the Future in Antarctica

Lecture Video

Journalist and travel writer Fen Montaigne chronicles how climate change is threatening Adélie penguins.

The Grand Canyon: Power & Perserverance

Lecture Video

An Exploration of the Grand Canyon through science and music.

The Singing Life of Birds

Lecture Video

Bird song expert Donald Kroodsma describes how birds communicate and why. Listen to the sounds of birds as you’ve never listened before, using their songs as a window into their minds.

The Building Movement to Tackle Climate Change

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Author, educator, environmentalist, and 350.org founder Bill McKibben has been instrumental in raising awareness about global climate change.


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Writer Donovan Hohn’s talk explores the fate of thousands of rubber ducks that were accidentally spilled into the Pacific Ocean. His global adventures highlight the plight of our oceans and the pressures that society places on the natural world.

Snow is Good

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Most people pay attention to climate change in the summer, when faced with heat waves, hurricanes, and severe thunderstorms. In the northeast, climate warming is actually more marked in the winter, and the loss of snow cover can have a ripple effect on tree growth and groundwater recharge.

The Atlantic: Great Sea Battles, Heroic Discoveries, Titanic Storms, and a Vast Ocean of a Million Stories

Lecture Video

Simon Winchester, the author of the bestselling Krakatoa, leads an armchair expedition around the shores and the islands of the Atlantic Ocean.

four fish

Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food

Lecture Video

Award-winning writer Paul Greenberg discusses how large-scale commercial fishing, extensive fish farming, and questionable environmental standards have distressed aquatic ecosystems, pushing many wild fish populations to the brink of extinction.

Bringing Nature Home

Lecture Video

Drawing from his bestselling book, Bringing Nature Home, Douglas Tallamy discusses how using native plants in the home landscape can help protect and preserve North American wildlife.

A Wild Solution for Climate Change

Lecture Video

Internationally known conservation biologist Dr.Thomas E. Lovejoy explores the impact of climate change on the natural world.

From Silent Spring to Silent Night: A Tale of Toads and Men

Lecture Video

As part of the 2010 Young Environmental Scientists’ (YES) Conference, the Cary Institute hosted a talk by integrative biologist and National Geographic Society explorer Dr. Tyrone Hayes.

Biodiversity and Human Health

Lecture Video

Using Lyme disease and West Nile virus as models, disease ecologist Dr. Richard Ostfeld describes how diverse animal populations minimize our exposure to emerging infectious diseases.

Environmental Impacts on the Antarctic Ecosystem

Lecture Video

Drawing on several of his journeys, Schlesinger’s lecture explores how climate change and pollution threaten this remote region, which supports penguins, seals, and fragile marine-based ecosystems.

Storms of My Grandchildren

Lecture Video

Dr. James E. Hansen talks about how politicians have failed to connect policy with climate change science and the importance of limiting atmospheric carbon dioxide to 350 parts per million.


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