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Unit Plan: Cycles: From Rot to Radishes Lesson: 7 Time: Session 1, 2, and 3 (40 min each) Setting: Classroom Objectives:

Students complete their work for GROW by working in groups to create advertisements that teach the public about nutrient cycling, and GROW's research and products


Lesson Overview:

Students will be able to: cooperatively plan and complete a project; communicate their knowledge about nutrient cycling in an engaging way; judge their own work and reflect on their understanding of nutrient cycling; have new perspectives on the representation of science in the popular media


Session 1 and 2

For the class:

  • overhead transparency of the letter from GROW (Lesson 1 "A challenge from GROW")
  • materials for making advertisements

Session 3

For each student:

  • copy of "Scoring Sheet"
  • copy of "Group work Evaluation" (From Eco-Inquiry's multiple forms of Assessment)
  • Copy of "Portfolio Cover Sheet" (From Eco-Inquiry's Multiple Forms of Assessment)
Lesson Resources:
Benchmarks for Science Literacy: 1A Scientific World View 12D Communication Skills NYS Standards: MST 4- Physical setting, living environment and nature of science ELA 1- Language to collect and interpret information and understand generalizations ELA 4 - Language for communication and social interaction with a wide variety of people
Next Generation Science Standards
Science and Engineering Practices: Engaging in argument from evidence Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information

Hogan, Kathleen. Eco-Inquiry: A Guide to Ecological Learning Experiences for the Upper Elementary/Middle Grades. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, PO Box 1840, 4050 Westmark Drive, Dubuque, IA 52004-1840., 1994.