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Feeding Habits Investigations

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Unit Plan: Who Eats What? Lesson: 4 Time: Four Sessions: 40-80min, 60-90min, 40min, 40min Setting: Indoors and Outdoors Objectives:

Students design and carry out indoor or outdoor investigations to learn more about animals' feeding interactions.


Students will be able to:
- be familiar with the procedures of scientific research
- shape a question into a form that can be answered through research
- make a general plan of action for a research project, and refine it during and after the investigation
- realize that investigations don't always lead to clear conclusions, and that claims need to be backed by evidence


Session 1

For the class:

  • overhead transparency of "Kangaroo Rat and Pocket Mouse" (see complete description of lesson plan)

For each group of 3-4 students:

  • copy of handout listing possible research topics


Session 2

For each group of 3-4 students:

For indoor studies:

  • copy of "Classroom Critter Care Chart" (see complete description of lesson plan)
  • copy of the What Eats What  guide
  • habitat chamber (see "Classroom Critter Care Chart)
  • spoon or trowel
  • various animal foods (see "Suggested Investigation Descriptions" in the complete description of lesson plan)

For outdoor studies:

  • various tools and animal foods (see " Suggested Investigation Descriptions")

Session 3 and 4

For each student:

  • hand lens


Lesson Files:
Benchmarks for Science Literacy: 5A Diversity of Life 5D Interdependence of Life 5E Flow of Matter and Energy 12A Values and Attitudes 12D Communication Skills NYS Standards: MST 4- Physical setting, living environment and nature of science MST 7- Problem solving using mathematics, science, and technology (working effectively, process and analyze information, presenting results) ELA 1- Language to collect and interpret information and understand generalizations ELA 3- Language for critical analysis and evaluation
Next Generation Science Standards
Science and Engineering Practices: Planning and carrying out investigations Analyzing and interpreting data

Hogan, Kathleen. Eco-Inquiry: A Guide to Ecological Learning Experiences for the Upper Elementary/Middle Grades. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, PO Box 1840, 4050 Westmark Drive, Dubuque, IA 52004-1840., 1994.