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Physical Weathering

Unit Plan: Weathering, Erosion & DepositionLesson: 2
9-12Urban Ecosystems
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    Summary: Students will experiment with factors that lead to the weathering process of ice-wedging and develop a cause and effect understanding of how it contributes to the formation of potholes in our streets. By the end of the lesson sequences, students will "storyboard" the process of pothole formation which will demonstrate their understanding of the concept.  They will also complete the rock tumbler activity that models weathering of natural and urban materials. Teachers notes: This topic includes a three day lesson set. 

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    Additional Lesson Materials

    Baltimore Weathering and Deposition Photos PowerPoint

    River Rock Simulation Video

    Physical Weathering of Urban Building Materials: River Rock Simulation

    Water Weathering PowerPoint

    Pothole Homework

    Pothole Storyline

    Pothole Storyline with Mechanisms

    Pothole Storyline with Mechanisms and Word Bank