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Activities for students at home

A collection of resources for home or virtual exploration.

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-Ashley Alred, Education Program Leader

Ask an Educator! 

Need tips or suggestions for how to carry out these lessons at home? Or how to find Cary Teaching Materials about a specific topic? Send inquiries to Ashley and she will connect you with the resources you need.

Week 1 - Practicing the Skills of a Scientist

Learn how to explore the plants and animals that live around your home or neighborhood!

Worm Worlds

Grades 3-5 | Also suitable for K-2 students with older siblings or adult assistance

Discover where worms live in your own backyard!

Lesson plan | Lesson plan (pdf)


Quadrats & Questions

Grades 3-5

Explore the world that exists from a bug’s eye-view!

Lesson plan

cary campus

Nature Preserves: Is Bigger Better?

Grades 6-8 | Also suitable for grades 3-5 with assistance

Learn how to measure biodiversity in your own neighborhood!

Lesson plan

pitfall trap

Pitfall Trap Protocol

Create homemade traps to investigate insect populations in your yard.

Pitfall Traps (pdf)